Where Are They Now: Octomom Nadya Suleman

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In January of 2009, Nadya Suleman suddenly became a pop culture focal point when she gave birth. Dubbed by the media as “Octomom,” Suleman gave birth to octuplets conceived via in vitro fertilization. And those babies made history as the second set of octuplets in the United States to be born all live, and the first set in the WORLD to live past a week. Octuplets—eight babies born of a single pregnancy—are incredibly rare, and the world was fascinated with the Suleman kids.

Nadya herself drew plenty of media attention as well. When details about how she ended up with octuplets in the first place surfaced—she was implanted with 12 embryos (and 2 is the norm for IVF)—the judgment poured in. Further controversies swirled around her housing situation, her controversial decision to go on welfare, and even her rumored plastic surgery. It’s been ten years, and much of the media storm has died down. But with a houseful of children, life for Suleman is anything but dull!

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