18 Insane Rumors About Rock Stars That Are Actually True

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The life of a rock star is … interesting. There’s something about the rocker lifestyle that exudes debauchery. Outrageousness. Pushing limits and boundaries in the name of rock and roll (and let’s face it, having a damn good time). The rock stars of today are definitely more toned down, and we have social media to thank for that, no doubt. But back in the heyday of rock and roll and hair bands and over-the-top living, rock stars were a breed unto themselves and their antics were the topic of many, MANY insane rock star rumors. As it turns out, some of those crazy rumors actually turned out to be true.

You know when you hear a rumor and think, “That can’t possibly be true”? Rock star rumors are a lot like that, except that in a lot of cases, those rumors were pretty factual. It’s hard to wrap our brains around some of these outrageous stories, and even harder to read them and not think differently of the people involved. Let’s revisit some of these insane rock star rumors and learn that they did, in fact, happen!

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