If You Thought We Were Nearing The End Of Baby Shark, We’ve Got Some Bad News

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baby shark

Image: YouTube / PinkFong

Well, we had a good run, guys. We outlasted quite a few annoying kid trends (Hatchimals, anyone?). We managed to make it through the Summer of Slime, and we’ve finally stopped wishing death on Caillou. There were a couple of close calls, for sure. But we made it. We were in the clear! Things were looking good. And then … then came the song. That blasted, catchy song. You know the one. Baaaaaaaaabyyyyyy SHARK, do do doodoododo! Once our kids figured out how to get around on YouTube Kids and got their first taste of Baby Shark, that was the end of the world as we knew it.

Suddenly, we couldn’t get away from Baby Shark. The song, created by Pinkfong, has seeped into our collective souls. It’s on the Billboard 100! Its toys have sold out everywhere. And now, according to the creators, a cartoon series; and musical are on the way. WHAT GREAT NEWS, RIGHT?

Baby Shark has got to be the catchiest, most annoying song to come out … ever.

The first time we heard it we thought, oh this is cute! Our toddlers lost their minds, they did the dance every chance they got. It was really adorable … for the first month or so. Now, we’re pretty sure we will hear that song for all eternity, long after we’re dead and gone. If you thought we were leaving it in 2018, we have some really bad news. Not only will it live on in 2019, it’s going to be on your damn TV. SmartStudy, the company behind Baby Shark creators Pinkfong, told Bloomberg that parents can expect short videos on Netflix, a cartoon series, and even a musical tour in North America.

In addition, they may develop games that work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home assistants. You know what that means, right? Baby Shark is going to be on the tablets. It’s going to be on the TV and your phone. And eventually, your kids are going to be able to ask Alexa and Google to play the Baby Shark game. YOU GUYS. What are we going to do?!

Our only option is to move somewhere that Baby Shark has not infected yet. Like Mars. Or the moon.