16 Photos Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Looking So In Love

Ah, young love. Is there anything sweeter? Well, we suppose the sweetness factor bumps up quite a bit when you’re actual royalty. We don’t know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle personally, but we feel closer to them having watched their relationship blossom. There was so much excitement surrounding their engagement and wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of the couple themselves! But now that they’ve settled into married life and are expecting their first child together, we are swooning over the love between these two. In every picture of them together, you can see the sparks fly. It’s just beautiful!

As much time as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spend in the spotlight, they really seem to only have eyes for each other. And that is the best part of a new relationship and marriage. Sure, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. And it’s true that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. But judging by some of these pictures of them looking head over heels in love, we imagine they’re just as sweet in private. We can’t imagine the pressures of being a royal and living in the public eye. Certainly, that can take its toll on any relationship! But we have a feeling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to be just fine.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle always manage to look so damn into each other.

prince harry and meghan markle
Image: Instagram/@meghanmarkle_belgique

Like, come on now. No one would blame Harry for looking at that magnificent horse. It’s a gorgeous horse, and animals are better than people 99% of the time! But when your person is Meghan Markle? Well, not even a magical damn unicorn could tear your eyes away from her. We just love how focused they are on each other, even surrounded by hoopla (or horses, as it were). We’re also curious to know what Harry was saying to her here. “Darling, I know it’s a nice-looking horse, but you know we have some of these back at the palace, right?”

And then there’s this – swooooooooon!

Image: Instagram/@sussexsquad

Find you a partner who one, looks at you the way Harry looks at Meghan, and two, will fix your ponytail when it gets stuck in your jacket. This is such a cute picture! It’s little things like this that make you realize how focused they are on each other. Even at an official royal event, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tuned in to one another. Plus, we love these little innocent gestures between two people who love each other. Sure, it’s just a little hair adjustment. But the fact that he noticed and reached over to fix it? That’s a good guy, right there.

Lean into it, girl.

Image: Instagram/@harrysmeghan

Even surrounded by people and cameras, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle find ways to connect only to each other. This is such a solid relationship move right here, too. It’s not an overt public display of affection. More like a comfortable place to lean when you need to lay your head on a shoulder! Looking at this photo, you wouldn’t even realize the frenzy that was probably surrounding the couple. They’ve done a really great job of tuning that all out and just focusing on what’s important in these moments. That’s got to be so important when your public and private lives converge as much as theirs do.

The way she looks at him, good gravy.

Image: Instagram/@hrhofsussex

Listen, we get it. Harry is a snack, for sure. Not knocking William at all, but in a perfect world where we got our choice of princes, we are Team Harry all the way. So it’s heartwarming to see Meghan look at him the same way we would look at him, LOL. Also, we imagine a lot of it is her trying to center herself with all the craziness surrounding her. Yes, she was semi-famous stateside for her work as an actress. But there’s a big difference between being Hollywood famous and like, WORLD FAMOUS. She probably looks at him and thinks, “My god, how did I get so lucky?” And also, “GOOD GOD what have I gotten myself into?!”

Ugh, this moment!

Image: Instagram/@hrh_duchessmeghansussex

If you’ve been married, you remember this moment (hopefully fondly!). The moment you finally get to stand next your partner and see them in all their wedding splendor. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had an absolute fairy tale wedding, but honestly they could have gotten married in a courthouse or a barn and we genuinely think they would still look at one another that same way. It’s sort of a mixture of love, excitement, apprehension, and yes, a little bit of fear. Getting married is a big deal! But easier to take on that challenge when there’s as much love between two people as there is between these two.

It’s the little things like the arm across the back.

Image: Instagram/@hrh_duchessmeghansussex

One of the keys to a lasting relationship is supporting your partner’s hobbies! Harry played rugby for years before giving up the rough sport because of numerous injuries. These days, you’re more likely to see him atop a horse on the polo field, which is where this cute little photo of the couple was snapped. Meghan was in attendance to cheer on her husband during a charity polo match last summer. And while we don’t know or understand polo rules, we’re sure he played some excellent sportsball. We love that Meghan was there to cheer on her husband, and gave him an affectionate “Good job!” snuggle.

You stop right now with that look!

Image: Instagram/@hrh_duchessmeghansussex

Anyone else hear “Singing in the Rain” in their heads right now? Just us? The classic sharing-an-umbrella move will never not be sweet and romantic, but throw in some googly eyes like we’ve got going on here and it ramps up to new levels of AWWWWWW. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle under the same umbrella is a whole mood. Now, what we’d love to see is Harry and Meghan runs toward each other in the rain and passionately embrace, a la The Notebook. But royal protocol and all that. Good god, could you imagine the scandal?! It would be hilarious.

A classic from when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

Awwwwww, the day the newest engaged royal couple was introduced to the world! Doesn’t it feel like eons ago? We have to hand it to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they have packed A LOT into the last year and a half. An engagement, a wedding, and a pregnancy – they’ve been busy! But even from that first official royal appearance, it was obvious that these two are a couple of smitten kittens. They looked so comfortable with one another. In an interview after the engagement was announced, the pair said they were spending a quiet night at home together, roasting a chicken, when Harry surprised Meghan and popped the question. So sweet!

Another little loving gesture.

Image: Instagram/@harrysmeghan

Prince Harry is a ponytail fixer, and Meghan Markle is a hair fixer – match make in heaven! This picture was from one of the royal couple’s official appearances, but again, they managed to steal little moments together. You know what? They just always look like they’re having so much fun together. Like they genuinely enjoy each other’s company, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. We hope they keep that connection in the coming years. Because the public life has to take a toll! At the end of the day though, all that matters is the two of them and the new family they’re about to start.

Such a wife/girlfriend move.

Image: Instagram/@harrysmeghan

Listen, if you’re married or in any kind of romantic relationship, you’ve done this. Hell, if you’re a parent, you’ve done this! We have to look out for each other, and sometimes that means making little adjustments to hair or clothing to make sure your partner is looking fresh. Do they both have handlers that will do this for them? Oh, undoubtedly. Does that stop them from taking care of these little things themselves? Not at all, and thank goodness for that. These cute little gestures are exactly what we love about these two. The vast majority of us can’t relate to their lifestyle or the way they live. But we can absolutely relate to fixing your husband’s crooked pin.

Audience of one!

Image: Instagram/@megandharryofsussex

Well, you can’t very well stand up in front of a bunch of people to give a speech and not do a dry run first! And that’s where you partner comes in. Again, this is something we can relate to when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Do we have a castle? Well, no. Do we have a collection of priceless tiaras to wear when we leave the house? Also no. But will we sit there while our partner practices for a big presentation or speech and smile and give constructive criticisms? Yes we will! Meghan out here just lifting her man up and helping him prepare, we can 100% respect that.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be royals, but they’re still a couple of young kids.

Image: Instagram/@megandharryofsussex

You sort of forget that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are young. They always look so poised and collected! But let’s not forget, this is a young, fun couple. So when they do little things like this, it reminds us of who they really are. It makes them seem accessible and real, and we love that. Because they genuinely seem like down-to-earth people in a life that runs contrary to who they are as individuals. Certainly, there are two different personas here: their public persona, and they way they relate to each other in private. But pictures like this show both sides, and we just love it.

That’s the look of love.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, the conversation has centered on how lucky Meghan was to land herself an actual prince. Which, true. We can’t help who we fall in love with, but it certainly helps when the object of your affections is royalty! But can we talk about how lucky Harry is? Meghan is incredibly smart, personable, warm, and of course, stunningly beautiful. She may not have been royalty, but we have a feeling that Harry considers himself the real lucky one in this relationship. Just look at how he looks at her! Like he can’t believe his good fortune.

That royal heinie, LOL.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

Now, we don’t think Harry was necessarily trying to cop a feel. But we wouldn’t blame him if he was! They’re young, attractive people, clearly in love, and (shrugs) the hands will land where they may. He’s just being a gentleman and helping his partner onto the plane! This is just another example of a cute little moment that just happened to be caught by a camera, and we think this speaks volumes to them as a couple. Hundreds of reporters, cameras, and watchers at pretty much all times, but still can’t help but touch the booty. Hilarious. Well played, Harry.

Their signature handhold.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

If you’ve noticed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are really into holding hands. It’s an appropriate public sign of affection, we suppose, when you are a royal and have certain rules of decorum to uphold. But they aren’t regular hand-holders, they’re cool hand-holders. Rather than just hold hands, Meghan almost always has her other hand around Harry’s arm. Sort of possessive, and we dig it! But it also allows them to get a bit closer. Like putting your arm around someone – it allows for some body touching! But it’s hard to walk with your arm around someone, so we understand why the Duchess goes for the hand-around-the-arm move.

Always a gentleman.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

Again, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are surrounded by people and staff whose job it is to do this kind of stuff for the royal couple. They just do! Yet, Harry always seems to go out of his way to be the one. The one who opens doors, fixes ponytails, and shields his wife from the rain with a shared umbrella. It speaks to how Harry was raised, and the gentlemanly nature of his personality. We imagine it would be super easy to get swept up in being rich and famous, but Harry (and William) both seem to have such a good head on their shoulders. And when Harry does these little things for Meghan, it’s never more obvious that he’s a good guy and just loves her so.

Do you have a favorite picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? We can’t wait until their pictures include the next royal baby!

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