This Wife Feels Hashtag Blessed To Be Able To Clean Up Her Husband’s Mess

Listen, we all know that marriage is hard. It requires a lot of work and attention, even when it’s good! Most married people tend to just focus on their own relationships, and leave others to do as they please. That’s a good rule of thumb in general, right? But sometimes, someone shares advice or wisdom that leaves people wondering what the hell they’re doing with their life. It’s not uncommon for marrieds to spread the good word about what makes their marriage successful. But if you’re going to do that, maybe stick that post in drafts and ponder it for a bit before hitting publish. This wife’s post about cleaning up after her husband did not strike the chord she was going for. And people took to the comments to roast her for her key to a “happy” marriage.

Marriage is all about equal partnership. But this wife’s post about cleaning up after her husband is the very definition of inequality.

Holly Simon wants the world to know that she loves her husband. She loves him so much, and appreciates all he does and all he brings to their life together. Cute! But, she also (for some reason) wanted the world to know that her husband seems wholly incapable of doing even the most basic chores in their shared home. Seriously, the whole things reads like she’s talking about one of her children.

Simon starts off, “Everyday I pick up the towel he hangs on our curtain rod & throw it on a hook in the bathroom, put his hair gel back in the bathroom drawer that was 3in from where he placed it, close literally every. dresser. drawer, and pick up at least two pairs of his shoes somewhere in the house.” That first sentence alone makes it sound like she’s describing an actual child, and not the (presumably) grown man she’s married to. Our small children are capable of doing these things, so an adult not doing them ALL THE TIME? Nope.

But don’t worry! Holly ain’t mad about it. In fact, she says cleaning up after him is a cause for gratitude, not irritation.

this wife's post about cleaning up after her husband
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Simon continues, “But these little things represent his presence in our home. What if they weren’t there each day? What else would be missing from our lives? His laugh, his comfort, his guidance? How many women and children are living that harsh sadness out? The scattered trail of his daily routine means I have a husband who keeps coming home. I’m not doing life on my own. I’m not raising my girls by myself”. Well, no, you’re not raising your girls by yourself. You’re raising them AND a grown-ass man who can’t seem to be assed to do the bare minimum. This wife’s post about cleaning up after her husband is our actual nightmare.

Needless to say, people in the comments did not hold back. “Whatever!! Then he can pick my  “presence” and my daughters up every day too…that way he’ll remember how blessed he is for the love of mercy he’s a grown man he can pick his own shit up lol”. “What a perfect example of selfishness and laziness on the part of the husband and enabling him to continue on the part of the wife.” “No ma’am. That’s a grown man he needs to pick up after himself there’s a million things to miss being a slob isn’t one.” Yes, yes, and yes.

Marriage is about partnership. It’s not about one person being the other’s keeper. We’ll take a husband who laughs, comforts, and offers guidance while he picks up his own damn laundry, please and thank you.

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