This Insane Story of Wedding Shaming Will Blow Your Mind

Do you ever read something and hope to god it’s fake because it being real would completely obliterate any hope you had left for mankind? This is exactly how I felt as I read through the most insane tale of wedding shaming I’ve ever come across. Now, I didn’t really know wedding shaming was a “thing”. Sure, we’ve all read stories about (or been the victim of) bridezillas. Something comes over some women when they start planning a wedding, and they very quickly lose their goddamn minds. But none of those stories even come close to comparing to this one. Buckle in guys, it’s a wild ride.

This wedding shaming story started making the rounds on Twitter a few days ago. It very quickly went viral, for good reason. IT’S BANANAS.

If you have a solid 10 mins to absorb this, I present a very real status shared in a wedding shaming group I’m a part of

”” last of a dying brand (@0lspicykeychain) August 25, 2018

The post starts off pretty normal. Bride announces she’s calling off the wedding because of “irreparable problems” with her fiance. It happens! She even goes so far as to say they’re remaining civil for the sake of their son. It starts to go off the rails a bit when she talks about going to South America for two months (without … her son?). There’s talk of backstabbing and betrayal by friends and family. At this point I made a bowl of popcorn and settled in, because shit is about to get good.

wedding shaming
Image: Twitter/@0Ispicykeychain

She goes onto to talk about how she and her fiance had a rough go of it, but managed to come out on top. It’s a nice story! The mention of the cost of her ring is weird though, but whatevs. But then, when talking about planning her wedding, she says a local psychic told her to shoot for the fucking moon. This … this is when things go sideways.


wedding shaming
Image: Twitter/@0Ispicykeychain

LOL, this bitch. She asked for guests to contribute FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS EACH to her dream wedding. What the actual fuck is this shit? ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLHAIRS. For the privilege of … what? Going to a goddamn wedding? Obviously, her guests were like, nah. No thanks. Best of luck to you both, here’s a gravy boat.

Her ex, bless his heart, suggested a Vegas wedding. But she’s not a trashy whore, guys.

wedding shaming
Image: Twitter/@0Ispicykeychain

She just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day! Bitch, the only thing that makes a Kardashian a Kardashian is their millions of dollars, which they didn’t get by begging off their friends and family. THE NERVE, MY GOD.

In case you’re thinking, this cannot be real, I have bad news. Or good news, if you’re a petty bitch like me.

“This woman has never been outside the US and does not speak ANY language other than english.” Have fun in South America, lady.

I am better and worse for having read this story of wedding shaming. Mostly better. People are such glorious trash, it’s amazing.

(Image: iStock/grinvalds)

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