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19 Kids And Counting: The Most Notable Moments From Last Night’s Interview Episode

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Good morning, Duggar fans! Last night’s episode was not a regular one with a manufactured TLC plot line complete with made-up drama. Instead, we were treated to NBC’s Erica Hill lobbing total softball questions to every Duggar, sunshine and rainbows everywhere! It was obvious that Hill was told not to ask them anything remotely controversial but that didn’t stop a few Duggars from spewing stupidity anyway. Here are the top 10 notable moments from last night’s annoyingly atypical episode of 19 Kids and Counting!

1. The “Kids Born On TV” List

At the beginning of this moronic hour, Jim Bob rattles off every kid and grand-kid born on TV. There are 10 total. Modesty is paramount, guys. But if putting this birth on camera makes dolla dolla bills for Pimp Daddy Boob, all bets are off. I want to punch him for all the money he’s made off the women in his family.

2. Michelle And Jim Bob’s Relationship “Mistake”

Hill asks Boob and Michelle about their pre-marital naughtiness (aka, kissing) and they still look legitimately ashamed! My God, you guys — you’ve been married for 30 years and have 19 kids. Clearly, it all worked out. They explain how this “mistake” led them to encourage their kids to save all of the “physical stuff” for marriage. Yawn. Whatever, Duggars.

3. Michelle Thinking Her Bikini Brought Shame To Her Family

OMG, you guys. Poor Michelle. Hill brings up the subject of modesty and asks Michelle to explain why it’s so important to her. Michelle tells of how her neighbor saw her as a teenager in a bikini and she’s still utterly convinced the neighbor’s family didn’t like her family because of it! She thinks she tempted the husband with her teenage figure. That’s a super rational line of thinking. Also, Hill’s face says it all — she clearly thinks the modesty line is bullshit. Michelle is explaining how girls and women are responsible for “stirring up desires” in men and boys with their clothing and Hill is kind of “cool story, bro” and pushes on to a new topic. Shut that shit right down.

4. Jim Bob Slut-Shaming Michelle

At some point during Michelle’s teenage bikini slut confessional, Jim Bob piped in saying that she used to mow the lawn in her bikini. The tone in his voice made my stomach turn. He is honestly ashamed of her having done this, it’s clear as a bell by the way he says it. God, what an asshole. And poor Michelle. He’s brainwashed her and she’s totally convinced he’s right.

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