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Instead Of Focusing On Her C-Section, Let’s Be Glad Jill Duggar And Her Baby Are Healthy‏

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Well Duggar fans, it’s official. Jill Duggar-Dillard is reported to have had a c-section, as many suspected after seeing photos last week of her in a hospital despite having planned a home birth. Like so many women, she had an idea of what she wanted and it did not turn out as she planned. And even though you all know my feelings on this family, I am sad for her just like I am for any mom facing the aftermath of the birth they had planned for not working out. Her story is like so many of ours and after reading it, I guarantee you will relate.

According to People, Jill was in labor for 70 hours with intermittent contractions before ultimately needing a c-section for little Israel David’s birth. She had an extensive birth plan (her doctor said it was the longest he’d ever seen!) that included requests in the event of needing a c-section:

“Though we were planning on a home birth, we were grateful to have the option of being in the hospital,” Derick says.

Right on, Derick. It sounds like they are processing these events and trying to move on with their healthy son, but I know these feelings well. I also did not plan on having c-sections and wanted a natural birth with my first baby. It was hard at first to work through it but in the end, I was grateful for my health and my child’s, as I’m sure the Dillards are as well.

In Jill’s case, I do worry for her emotionally. As we all know, the Duggar women define their lives by having lots of children and her first baby being a c-section could potentially mean a limit on the number of kids she is able to have. She may be cleared to try for a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) but that is not a guarantee. My own doctor told me no more than four children for me and my c-sections were both routine, but I’m sure every case is different, as is every doctor’s opinion.

After being raised to believe her mission in life was to have tons of babies, I deeply hope she is not feeling like a failure and that she has some support as she grieves for the birth she didn’t end up having. Of course, a healthy baby and mom should be the ultimate goal but what led up to it matters too. I wish Jill and Derick nothing but the best going forward and hope that her recovery is a smooth one.

(Image: Jill Dillard Instagram)