It Is Necessary To Challenge A Family Member Using Bigoted Language Around Your Kids

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There are so many decisions that face new and expecting parents as they consider the kind of life they will be providing for their children. Among those decisions is dealing with your family members and how they will interact with and bond with your child. Sometimes, family members have traits that do not bother you as a grown adult but might not be appropriate in the presence of a child. At that point, you have some decisions to make if this person is going to figure into your life as a family with young kids. Some of these situations could end up being a deal-breaker as far as letting this person spend time with your child. One of them should definitely be if this person uses racist or homophobic language. This is when parents must decide- would they challenge a family member using bigoted language around their child?

A Reddit thread on this topic yielded some interesting responses. I am disturbed at the number of people in 2014 that still feel the need to spout racist or homophobic language at all let alone in the presence of a child but clearly, this is still very much an issue in our society. Check out some of the responses to the question “Do you challenge your parents when they say bigoted or “iffy” things in front of your kids?”


Ugh. I am fortunate that no one in my family uses language like this but I would be very quick to intervene if they did. I think when picking your battles, the N-word is one you would want to fight so you aren’t getting a fun call from the kindergarten teacher about the new word your kid taught the class (and because it’s wrong, obviously). We did have an issue with a member of my husband’s family constantly saying how everything made in China was awful and it definitely had a tinge of racism to it so my husband put a quick stop to it.

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