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Mom Overshares About Her Sex Life on Facebook, Thoroughly Mortifies Teen Daughter in the Process

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One of the best things about being a mom is being able to embarrass your kids. Babies and toddlers don’t care. But once they hit like, 7? And then all the way through their teen years? Why, it is our duty to mortify them every chance we get. It’s a badge we’ve earned and should wear with pride. One teen called out her mom after she took oversharing to great new heights on Facebook. Honestly, this is mom goals.

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The teen called out her mom after mom shared a bit of her sex life on Facebook. Listen, moms gotta get theirs, too!


Kaley Kurzhals tweeted a couple of screeshots from her mom Kim’s Facebook. In one, Kim is posing with a rather dapper looking fella, and the caption reads, “He hooked up with the tambourine girl in the band.” Seems fine, right?

teen called out her mom

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Just a mom out on the town, enjoying herself, taking pictures with nice-looking dudes. She’s a grown-ass woman and she can do what she wants! This is fine! But wait for it…

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