Forget The Babysitter – Now You Can Take Your Toddler Clubbing

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.28.25 PMThe only nightclub environment I’ve ever been to in a daytime setting was early morning spill-over club parties in San Francisco in the nineties. This is probably why the thought of bringing my toddler to a club during daylight hours makes my skin crawl. But if walking into a club in the middle of the afternoon doesn’t give you flashbacks to all of the horrible decisions you made in your twenties and you live in NYC – you may enjoy Fuzipop.

Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song got the idea for Fuzipop after throwing their son’s first birthday party at a club. Sprague spent years working in the club scene in NYC and met his wife on a dance floor. Having connections to these clubs – it seemed like a great place to throw the party. They told CNN that they “invited many of their old club friends, along with their kids, and no one wanted to leave. ‘All the parents said they would pay to do this, so we made a business out of it.'”

Fuzipop holds events for about 200 kids once a month. They charge $20 for a parent and child and $60 for a family of four. They have yet to turn a profit but Sprague says they’re breaking even.

The April event was held at Pink Elephant, a club in the West Village with velvet ropes and a strict door policy. The bouncer working the door said the toddlers and elementary schoolers were better behaved than the adults who had waited in line for entry just 12 hours earlier.

The tables usually reserved for VIPs ordering pricey bottle service were littered with champagne glasses and juice boxes. The bartender, who’s used to serving a liquored-up, over-21 crowd on Saturday nights, was surprised by how much the parents were imbibing. The most popular drink that afternoon was vodka.

Makes sense that it’s happening in NYC because parents don’t have to worry about getting in a car after day-drinking with their toddler. I’m obviously a total mom now because this actually sounds pretty fun.

(photo: YouTube)

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