(Updated) Racist Mom Loses It In Front Of Kids With Some Of The Worst Slurs You’ll Ever Hear (NSFW)

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and we have an update! 



The charming lady in the video now claims she is not racist, has a black cousin (HA!) and blames her tirade on being bipolar. She also goes by the name Janelle Ambrosia on Facebook. #sorry not sorry? She’s not a racist and used the N word HOW many times? She also claims she did this because the guy filming her almost hit her kid. I love how she is now blaming being bipolar for her racism. Um, there are PLENTY of bipolar people in the world who are not racists.


She also has a Twitter account where she is dropping wisdom:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.02.05 PM


And someone grabbed this off her Facebook before she deleted it:


From reddit we get to see this treasure of humanity shrieking racist nastiness at a man who is videotaping her, while her kids join in swearing at him. I can’t quite make out the whole video, but I think one of the kids says his dad is a cop and the mom add in “Yeah, and he hates black people too” and then says “do you have any idea how many cops I have stripped for?” Way to give strippers a bad name hater-lady!

She also claims her husband is on his way to kick the videotapers ass and I really wish we had a part 2 to this video because I want to see what happens next. Plus, she claims her lawyer is involved. What is she going to sue the dude videotaping her for? Showing the world via YouTube what an animal she is?

If anyone feels like getting all judgy at this woman, FEEL FREE, because in this instance it is totally welcomed, the fact that this vile nasty woman uses that sort of racist, hateful language in front of her kids is disgusting. I live in a happy little world where I don’t see people acting like monsters in front of The Dollar Tree, but this video is just proof that garbage like this goes on everyday. I feel so bad for the guy filming this because no one should have to listen to that garbage and she is all ragey and awful and threatening.

Those poor kids.

I hate people.

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