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Using Science To Get Pregnant Doesn’t Doom Your Child To Hell

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demon babyPregnant women are fascinating to some people, and they don’t mind saying the darndest things to a woman carrying a watermelon under her shirt. When I told people I was having twins thanks to the help of modern science, some comments went from borderline rude to downright hateful. Instead of being told I was blessed, some said my babies and I were going to Hell.

Misery loves company, so I’m glad to know I’m not alone in dealing with idiots. Reddit user pnkpanthr25 shares the story of her baby shower and how her husband’s grandmother tried to shame her for daring to use science available to her to have a healthy twin pregnant. From Reddit:

I had ultrasound photos out in the nursery and people were looking at them. Some photos were their boy part pictures and I was told by the grandmother, that I was “disgusting” for showing the babies penises to other people and the grandmother refused to look at them. Even when an aunt tried to show her a profile pic she said “only God should know that, she (being me) shouldn’t know this much about them before they are born”… Someone asked if they were healthy so genetic testing was brought up (by my MIL) and I said they are perfect as far as all the tests go. I was once again called disgusting for playing God. And that I would have probably terminated if they weren’t healthy because my generation just throws things away. I tried explaining that we wanted to be prepared and read up on anything that may be wrong, and all the other reasons to have testing done besides termination (which was an option for us but I’d never tell her that). She wouldn’t listen and kept going on and on about how it’s not our place to play God.


Ah, yes, the “playing God” argument. When I told my friends and family that I had a bum reproductive system, most were supportive, but there were a few (extended) family members who told me I was wrong for using science to get pregnant because the Catholic Church views reproductive technology as immoral. Those people were not invited to my baby shower.

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