Six Reasons Why IVF Treatments Actually Rock

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173070256While I was blessed with thick hair and big boobs, the female parts of me that actually matter- my ovaries- are hideously haggard, so the only way baby number three is happening would be to try through IVF again. Since the annual fee on our frozen embryos is about to come due, we’re faced with the decision of donating the embryos to science, paying for another year of storage (meaning we’re never getting cable back) or attempting to have another child(ren).

At first glance, fertility treatments seem awful. They are very expensive with no guarantee of success. Imagine buying enough lottery tickets to pay for a Lexus and hoping to hit the jackpot.


IVF is hella stressful. There are so many steps in the cycle that have to go perfectly before you even get to implant the embryos  and  it’s easy to get overwhelmed and screw up  with multiple pills, creams and injections to keep track of. I remember going out for my sister’s birthday and realizing I had gotten so caught up in dinner that I was an hour late taking an estrogen pill. I was sobbing in the car, horrified that I had just ruined my chances of getting pregnant and wasted thousands of dollars. My poor husband talked me down and got me to take the pill (which come to think of it may have been why I was so emotional in the first place).


IVF hurts like a bitch. The medications have strong side effects, I had awful insomnia and when I did manage to sleep I had vivid, wake-up-screaming nightmares. And let’s not forget the injections- every day, with a needle so long you’re positive it will pass through you and out the other side. Oh, and be careful you don’t hit that super huge nerve that runs down the back of your leg and is right next to where you want to inject this stuff.  It’s been over a year and I still have lumps of scar tissue in my rump.


But they say positive attitude can impact the success of infertility treatments and it’s important to find the silver lining in circumstances when you can. Plus I think it’s important to look at all angles when making such a huge decision, so I’ve wracked my brain to come up with this list of why IVF ain’t so bad:

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