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15 Things You Will Get Punched For Saying To A Very Pregnant Lady

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There is a “hilarious” age-old stereotype that pregnant ladies are irrational, emotional, and hormonal. Many women argue that this stereotype is untrue and unfair. I’m not saying that pregnant women are idiots, but I can confirm from personal experience that I had a much, much shorter fuse when I was pregnant. I don’t know if this can be purely blamed on hormones. It was more like I was over it and wanted to get this baby out of me as soon as possible.

Once I got to my third trimester, I didn’t want to hear anything from anyone. To provide the perfect example of my irrational mindset, I would get secretly angry if anyone commented on the size of my belly or asked how I was feeling (my most hated pregnancy question). On the flipside, if well-meaning friends and relatives tried to avoid the belly landmine altogether, I’d get mad at them for ignoring me.

Maybe some women are rational and wonderful while they are pregnant, but thanks to my relentless irritability, I wasn’t one of them. Just to be on the safe side, I’d advise you to tread lightly around pregnant women. Try not to stick your foot in your mouth so that you don’t get punched in the face. Everyone knows you can’t punch a pregnant lady back. Steer clear of these insensitive statements the next time you encounter a very pregnant woman about to pop:

1. Was it planned?

2. Weren’t you due, like, yesterday?

3. OR: You’ve still got a ways to go!

4. You look like you’re having a girl/boy.

5. Catch up on your sleep while you CAN.

6. Have fun while you CAN.

7. You’re going to have your hands FULL.

8. Looks like you’re eating for two!

9. Are you sure you want to eat that?

10. This (fill-in-the-blank-random-remedy) worked for me.

11. How are you FEELING?

12. What’s your birth plan?

13. Are you dilated yet? 

14. Are you going to breast-feed?

15. You’re just hormonal.

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