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Frozen Replacing Classic Ride ‘Maelstrom’ At Epcot, Internet Forgets That Disney Loves Money

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In more news of people totally overreacting to all things Frozen, Epcot has revealed plans to replace a long-loved ride with a new Frozen-themed attraction. The announcement was met with a Twitter-storm of fury with park fans wanting the 26-year old ride to stay right where it is. Frankly, I do not see the big deal with Frozen replacing classic ride Maelstrom at Epcot because the goal of the Disney parks is, clearly, to make money. Judging by the fact that lunatic parents will take out a second mortgage to be sure their Special Snowflake is be-decked in all things Elsa, Disney would have to be insane not to cash in.

I think sometimes, in their sentimental whirlwind, Disney fans forget that the ultimate goal of the Disney parks is not to amaze your wee one with it’s castles and magic. It’s to make money. Sweet, sweet money. Now, this is where my slightly anti-Disney stance comes out. Disney has always sort of bummed me out since they are a company that appeals to a very broad audience of small children, children on every part of the economic and social spectrum, but not all of these children can access Disney in all of it’s $8,000 vacation glory. At the end of the day, all Disney cares about is the dolla dolla bills ya’ll and I think the internet seems to have forgotten that this corporation is not there to make all of our sentimental dreams come true. It is there to make a living for the thousands of people that work for them and to turn the biggest profit possible, like any good company.

The #maelstrom hashtag has been quite active recently and here is a sampling of the overreactions about this deep, dark tragedy:


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Devastating? A sit-in? Are these people serious? There are real and actual problems in the world and there are people deeply concerned about a new ride at the country’s most profitable theme park? I cannot understand this level of indignation over something that just so totally does not matter in the grande scheme. Honestly, is anyone really that surprised that Disney would try to make money? And as far as wondering about Walt Disney’s great work and his dream for Disney- does anyone think he ever envisioned $90 Elsa dresses that a large majority of parents cannot afford for their little Frozen fans? Obviously, his dream has been warped and twisted in about a million different ways over the last several decades. This park trying to make money off of what the public wants is nothing new.

Frozen has already proven time and again that it is a serious cash cow. Only in the last few of my weekly pilgrimages to Target have I seen any Frozen merchandise on the shelves and what is there is scant. It is still an incredibly hot commodity and I don’t see that trend slowing down anytime soon as toddlers get a little older and catch on to what their older siblings are into. Also, look at how our children are still fans of Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and the lot? Disney characters have major longevity and I’m sure this Frozen attraction will be profitable for years to come but not everyone agrees. A quote in the NY Post from Andrew Tipton of the blog Disney Hipsters:

“As far as a ‘Frozen’ attraction, I’m all for it, however context is everything,” Tipton says. “It seems as if the Disney company is jumping on a fad before the dust has settled.”


I’m sorry, but Tipton is wrong. The Frozen frenzy will not be dying down anytime soon and Disney is smart to cash in and get while the getting is good.

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