Ridiculous Parents Are Paying Insane Amounts Of Money For Frozen Merchandise

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Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.56.53 PMBy now, I’m sure everyone knows all Frozen merchandise has vanished from store shelves, right? Kids are crying. Parents are voicing their outrage on Disney’s Facebook page – the whole world is in turmoil. Okay, I’m exaggerating that last bit. Some parents will get their kids the goods – no matter how much they have to come out of pocket to do it. These parents are ridiculous.

When I heard that all the merchandise was selling out, the first thing I thought was, “Kids still care about this movie?” Doesn’t it seem like this thing should have run its course by now? Is it just me, or has it been all Frozen, all the time for the last few months? Enough already! Apparently what’s caused the jump in sales of merchandise was the release of the DVD in March. The merchandise was flying off the shelves so quickly, the Disney store in Times Square had to institute a two-item limit last week.

So with all of the merchandise disappearing off the shelves, what is a parent who refuses to explain the concept of supply and demand supposed to do? Bid exorbitant amounts of money on Ebay of course! I am so mad I didn’t scoop up some of this merch to sell to these suckers.

From the New York Post:

Maternity-wear designer Rosie Pope says her pal — who works at Disney, no less — recently shelled out $1,200 for an Elsa doll on eBay after she promised her daughter one for her “Frozen”-themed birthday party.

“By this point, she didn’t care about the price,” says Pope. “She didn’t want to disappoint her daughter.”

She “didn’t want to disappoint her daughter?” What? Life is a series of disappointments that ultimately ends in death. Isn’t this a lesson we tell all of our grade-schoolers?

Leslie Venokur’s friend was in such a bind for her daughter’s “Frozen” birthday bash last Sunday that the pal shelled out $150 on a homemade Elsa costume for her child from the crafts site Etsy. “It didn’t even look like Elsa,” bemoans Venokur, co-founder of the Big City Moms site.

She should have just given her daughter a bag of ice and instructed her to throw it at everyone. Some people have no imaginations.

Seriously though, this is absurd. If you are willing to shell out $1,200 for a doll I don’t even feel bad for you because you are the problem. You are also most likely raising an entitled brat that thinks she should be able to get everything she wants, no matter what the circumstance. Congratulations.

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