Um, Excuse Me Tarpon Springs, But You Currently Have A Giant Rape Culture Problem On Your Hands

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Tarpon Springs Rape CaseLast night I was informed about a brand new teenage Tarpon Springs rape case (Yeah, another one) and this time it is out of Florida. Jared Alissandratos , 17, has been charged with the sexual battery of a physically incapacitated girl. This is a first degree felony that can carry a 30-year prison sentence if he is convicted. According to the report, charges against two other boys,  who are both under the age of 18 and also students at Tarpon High, are being forwarded to the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution.

It’s the same old story we have heard so many times over the last few months. Girl sneaks off to a party where no adults are present , drinks too much, is taken to a quite room to sleep it off and is then sexually assaulted. The Allisandratos are well known in the community, and Jared is known as being “very popular” and “cute.” According to neighbor Nancy Ward , there are frequent house parties at this waterfront home belonging to Jared’s father where there are no adults present, but plenty of alcohol. Another example of some excellent parenting.

I was contacted by a family member of the alleged victim last night and we spoke about the Tarpon Springs rape case. The victim, who is a 15-year-old, is doing okay but is being shielded from social media and the outrageous amount of bullying, slut-shaming, and rampant support of the alleged rapist.These Tarpon High teens are not the smartest bunch. Just reading through their tweets I was able to see their cell phone numbers posted, photographs of their family members, their cheerleading schedules, and a whole lot of them who enjoy getting “majorly fucked up” on “booze and weed.” I have kindly edited their names out (and you Tarpon high parents should thank me for this, because your little princelings and princesses might want to be aware most of the world doesn’t talk to kindly to this level of nasty cyber-bullying), but anyone can easily find these kids on Twitter and watch their underage drunken Vine videos.

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