It’s Been More Than 10 Years Since the First Documentary on Kate Gosselin, What’s She Up to Now?

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to fame. She became a household name when she and then-husband allowed cameras to document their lives as parents to 8: a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. A lot has changed since those early days of Jon and Kate Plus 8. In this Kate Gosselin update, she shares what she’s doing now and what she wishes she had been doing all along.

Kate Gosselin update: she’s a mom! Only now she’s the mom she wishes she had always been.

Kate gained quite a reputation for being high-strung and obsessive-compulsive. She didn’t like messes (which are impossible to avoid with one kid, let alone EIGHT), and she was often shown as the “mean” parent on TV. But now, Kate says she wishes she could go back and re-do those early years.

“I would spend more time nibbling little feet and cuddling up. I should have just rolled around on the floor some. I wouldn’t have melted down as much. When you’re younger, you may have more energy, but when you’re older, you’re wiser.”

It can’t be easy to manage a household with 8 kids, and the added pressures of doing it in front of millions of people probably didn’t help. No, she didn’t HAVE to do the show, but it did give her and John a way to provide for their family. And we can’t begrudge them that. A lot of parents certainly wish they’d done things differently, once they’ve had some time to reflect.

If Kate’s Instagram is any indication, she seems to be making up for a lot of lost time lately. Her feed looks really similar to a lot of moms: kids, pets, crafts, food, and fun.

It seems as though drama will follow Kate and the whole Gosselin family for years to come. But we hope they’re choosing to focus on today and being present, rather than wasting time battling internet trolls and gossip.

(Image: Facebook/Kate Gosselin)

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