8 Celebrity Moms You Wouldn’t Think To Follow On Twitter But Totally Should

olivia wilde tweetAfter spending most of my life in NYC, I wouldn’t consider myself someone overly impressed by celebrities. I put myself through college waiting tables and tending bar in Manhattan, so I can tell you; they schmear their cream cheese and nurse their hangovers just like you and me. That being said, I think it’s awesome when a celebrity mom can be open and honest about the struggles of parenting. I mean, sure, they typically have resources that the average parent can only dream of. But in the end, I think even rich people parenting has its difficult moments, and a celebrity mom who’s willing to share that can go a long way in making other mothers feel less isolated (even if they often have cray cray ways of doing it).

Below are my ten favorite celebrity Twitter moms you probably didn’t realize you should be following ASAP.

8. Alyson Hannigan

alyson hannigan tweet

Judging from her Twitter account, Alyson Hannigan seems like the most laid back, fun, someone-to-have-a-beer-with mom ever. And really, who hasn’t sat up wondering strange thoughts about Miley Cyrus in the middle of the night?

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth Paltrow tweet

Now, before you start chucking rotten fruit at your computer screens, hear me out. I know Paltrow can be annoying as hell and kind of a douche, but she also has a lot of great things to say about important issues such as single parenting, breastfeeding and body image. And there’s food porn. OH, the food porn! As long as you stay away from Goop, you should be a-okay.

6.  Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde tweet

Speaking of breastfeeding, I think we all remember the above photo and the ridiculous controversy it started, which might make you love Olivia but perhaps not enough to follow her on Twitter. But there is so much more! She’s funny, witty and smart as hell, and her tweets range from humor, to movie reviews and politics.

5. Gisele Bündchen

gisele bundchen tweet

I know this will be another unpopular entry, but let me explain. If you can get past some of the blatant self promotion, there is a lot of interesting stuff on there. Despite some of her less-than-feminist comments in the past, she tweets often about female confidence, and if you love soccer, she’s your woman. And I appreciate that she often tweets about environmental issues without going all Bono-guilt-trippy.

4. Cher

cher tweet

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty much only adding this account on because of its sheer batshittery, but I love that she obviously tweets herself, instead of having some hired hand do it for her, and I LOVE how real she is. Her posts are like bananas haiku perfection. Also, she’s a mama bear when it comes to defending her son Chaz, so maybe I’m a little biased.

3. Bette Midler

bette midler tweet

Bette‘s daughter might be a full grown adult, but she’s still a mom, and a freaking legend. I love anyone who has a sense of humor about themselves. You might not get a lot of mom-stuff from this account, but if you need a little more humor in your feed, here’s your lady.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

julie louis dreyfus tweet

I love this woman so much. Anyone who can publicly compare themselves to Rain Man on national television AND to almost half a million Twitter followers is alright in my book.

1. Julie Bowen

julie bowen tweet

I gotta say, no one tosses out one-liners on Twitter quite like Julie Bowen, and I love that a lot of her tweets say things I think most moms have thought or said at some point (thought maybe not as wittily). Seriously, I could do a whole post just on hilarious J-Bow tweets (if you’re reading, Julie, I hope it’s cool that I call you J-Bow). If you only follow one person from this list, it should be her!

(Photos: Twitter)

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