18 Royal Tiaras That Make Me Want To Be A Princess

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If we’re being honest, we probably wouldn’t be too keen on being a member of the royal family. So many rules! So many things you can’t do! All the smiling and being proper and whatnot. That’s a lot of pressure. We’re used to seeing the royals-by-blood do the thing. After all, they were born into the lifestyle, so it’s sort of ingrained in their nature. But watching Meghan Markle get acclimated to the royal life has been eye-opening. What would make someone want to take on that massive responsibility? Besides true love, of course. There are probably some perks, for sure. And if we’re being real, we would be all in just for the jewels. Imagine being able to slip one of those amazing royal tiaras on your head! It’s pretty enticing.

The bling that the royals rock is really exquisite. Huge necklaces, stunning earrings, bracelets so loaded with gems that it’s probably hard to lift your arm. But the royal tiaras are the real crown jewel here (see what we did there?). There are people who have dedicated their loves to “tiara watching”! Trying to guess which headpiece would make an appearance at a specific occasion. There’s so much history behind all of those priceless family heirlooms. We couldn’t imagine being inside the vault where they’re all stored. But luckily, we can take a virtual stroll through some of the most amazing royal tiaras of all time.

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