16 Photos That Make Us Want To Raid Kate’s And Meghan’s Shoe Closets

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meghan markle and kate middleton

Image: John Rainford/WENN

There’s a lot to covet about Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate’s lives. After all, they’re actual royalty! They’re glamorous but still down to earth, they get to travel and work with amazing organizations, and then there’s that whole being actual royalty thing. As cool as it all looks, it can’t be easy. And yet, they both do it with such ease and charm, they make it look like a breeze! One of the things we’re most envious of is their wardrobe. Specifically, their shoe closets. They seem to have the pick of the litter when it comes to footwear. Only the best for the duchesses! Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Whether they’re performing official royal duties in gorgeous heels or taking a stroll with their husband in comfy, fashionable flats, Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate are always rocking the most beautiful shoes. Even when Kate was close to giving birth all three times, she was winning below the ankle! Speaking of which, how in the world do royal ankles not swell during pregnancy?! Anywho, back to what matters: the shoes. Now, the majority of us wouldn’t spend $300+ on a pair of heels. BUT, if you were so inclined, you could easily snag you a pair of whatever Meghan and Kate were last photographed wearing. Here are some of their most popular shoe choices for your list.

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