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Jenny Mollen Shows Us What Everyone (Even Celebrities!) Looks Like After a C-Section

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Jenny Mollen is brutally honest about pretty much every aspect of her life, and the arrival of the second son with husband Jason Biggs was no different! Jenny and Jason recently welcomed baby Lazlo, and Jenny shared a post-op selfie on Instagram following her c-section. Whether she’s talking about pregnancy, motherhood, or stalking Jason’s ex, Jenny keeps it very real.

Jenny Mollen shared the post-op selfie on Instagram, captioning it “Post op chic”.

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Post op chic. #babybiggs

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Listen. A c-section is no joke. First of all, the fact that she’s standing should be celebrated. The last thing a lot of women want to do after any sort of childbirth is get out of bed.

The picture shows recovery is all it’s glory: bed head, bandages, drains, and those glorious mesh hospital undies.

Commenters were here for Jenny’s refreshing selfie. From people thanking her for sharing this part of the process, to remarking on how good she looks so soon after (seriously, looking amazing, Jenny), the support was overwhelming. So many times, celebrities share the “after after”, when they’re at their best and not still rocking the incision band. And that’s fine! What people want to share and when they want to share it is entirely their business. But it’s so damn refreshing to see someone say, “Hey, this is real, this isn’t just you, we all look like this after major surgery.”

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Lazlo Biggs coming in hot! #babybiggs

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By and large, commenters took the opportunity to pay homage to those mesh panties. Just goes to show, the love for them is universal and everlasting.

Congratulations to Jenny, Jason, Sid, and Lazlo! He’s adorable, and we can’t wait to follow along as she shares all the hilarious tidbits of life for a new mom of two. Things start to get really crazy when a new baby enters the mix!

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