A Lot of Dudes Don’t Get This Viral Hair Meme, and Women Can’t Stop Laughing About It

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I hate when I hear a joke and I don’t get it. It’s so awkward! Do I laugh? What if I laugh at the wrong time? Do I not get the joke because of something wrong with me, or do I not get the joke because it’s a bad joke? It’s very stressful. When that happens to me, I usually just try to laugh when everybody else laughs and hope nobody asks questions. Recently, however, a bunch of dudes on the Internet didn’t get a joke, and now their responses to a viral hair meme have become a meme in themselves.

According to Buzzfeed, it all started when an 18-year-old cosmetology student named Payton Hicks posted two photos of some curled hair to Instagram. She labeled it “you vs. the girl he cheats with,” which is a variation on a long-running meme that juxtaposes something awesome with something terrible. But it wound up being extra funny because of how many dudes showed up in her mentions trying to figure out the joke.

The joke is that the hair on the left is chic and stylish “beachy waves” and the hair on the right is tacky, overdone, cringe-worthy “ribbon curls.” The hair belongs to Hick’s roommate, but in the left picture, the curls have been brushed out. The joke is basically a variation on the “he cheated and has bad taste” meme that also makes fun of the really “done” looking hair on the right.


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