24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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mad men joan

Image: AMC

Don’t say this out loud to Mom and Grandma, but there are certain times we think our days of parenting are a tad harder than theirs were, especially working moms. After all, research wasn’t in about drinking and smoking during pregnancy. A lot of partners were able to bring home enough money to buy houses and cars without the need for a second income, and college debt wasn’t suffocating. The economy was up. Parenting expectations (even car seat safety knowledge) were down. Life was simpler.

Not to mention, there was no Pinterest to hold them to unattainable Suzie Homemaker-ness, no Twitter to see how awesome everyone else’s lives look, and no Facebook to compare other mom’s journeys to our own. Are some of these things self-inflicted? Maybe. Does that mean we can’t gripe about them? Not at all.

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