Low-Key Ways Your Partner Is Making Your Pregnancy More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

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There’s just nothing else in life to compare it to. Pregnancy is a singular miracle. That being said, only one person in a relationship goes through the many (nearly daily) changes. Those changes happen to her body, her emotions, and her plans for the future. While her partner can try to support her as well as hold on for the fast paced ride, often the transition can lead to  frustrations and humorous fails. Communication is vital during this time and some turn to social media to help us understand the antics going on behind the scenes.

Also, some pregnant women (hands up from this lady) know they’re being irrational while not knowing how to stop. Those pregnancy hormones and the resultant emotions can move like tornadoes. It can mean that both the lady carrying the baby and her partner may be confused by what she’s feeling, smelling, or how she’s reacting. And, she’s earned it. After all, she’s making a human which is a pretty daunting task. That gives her immediately leeway to feel a little irritation with whatever the hell she wants. Listen, we know partners don’t mean to be unhelpful. We know that they’re facing the fast approaching parenting gauntlet, too. However, they’re not feeling a baby knee in their ribs or a pressing head on their bladders. We’re complaining about partners, sure, but lightheartedly.

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