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18 Classic Movies That Every Mom and Daughter Need to See Together

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Mother-daughter relationships can be … complicated. The bond is irreplicable, but goddamn it, moms can be nuts. And daughters can be, too! There are a lot of ups and downs between moms and daughters. And it can be hard to explain or understand. Sometimes seeing it on the big screen can help makes sense of it all. We’ve found 18 classic mother-daughter movies that should be required viewing for every mom and daughter. Grab the popcorn and the tissues, you’re going to need them.

Classic mother-daughter movies can be funny, or like this first one on our list, absolutely, devastatingly heartbreaking. If you have a mom or a daughter, you need to see Terms of Endearment.

Aurora and Emma have one of the most infuriating and inspiring mother-daughter relationships in cinematic history. The hospital scenes will rip your heart right out.

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