Kids’ Doodles Plus Dad’s Coloring Equals The Most Amazing Artwork You’ll See Today

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Fred-Giovannitti-drawing-girlFor many of us an overabundance of kid art means a crowded refrigerator and possibly an unfortunate trip to the recycling bin after bedtime, but one talented dad is putting all of us to shame by helping turn his kids’ drawings into colorful and unique works of art. Fred Giovannitti is a renowned artist and inventor who spends a good portion of the year traveling all over the globe for his work. According to the Mirror, Giovannitti uses the long hours he spends on airplanes each month to stay connected to his kids by coloring their drawings, creating beautiful collaborative masterpieces.

For the past several years he’s taken pencil drawings by his children – Freddie (aged 9), Sofia (aged 8) and Jaxton (aged 5) – every time he goes away.

He says that his children are always excited to see the finished pictures and give him free choice over which colours to use – apart from one time, when Sofia insisted that the t-shirt he character was wearing wasn’t supposed to be red.

Giovannitti has been colorizing his kids’ art for over four years, and the drawings have grown so popular they led to the creation of an Etsy shop called Coolaborations where Fred sells prints of the artwork. The finished pieces are stunning:



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