Mom ‘Retires’ Elf on the Shelf With Hilarious Letter From Santa

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This holiday season people get into the jolly spirit. We’re all a little happier, reflect on our past year, and often vow to spread a little more kindness … because Christmas. But, there is one part of this season that divides people more than anything else. Yes, we can debate which Christmas movie is the best, or which cookie you feel is the be-all of the season, but the Elf on the Shelf is what will get everyone to share their opinions. Some parents love them, others hate it — kids seem to really dig the creepy elf.

But one mom had enough of the Elf on the Shelf

Christy Heins, of North Aurora, Illinois, shared her Elf on the Shelf exit strategy with the world in a Facebook post earlier this year. She shared a photo of a letter Santa had sent to her two daughters. The note broke the news that their Elf on the Shelf, George, was retiring.

“I know that some people truly enjoy setting up elaborate scenes with their elf, but for me, cleaning up after 3 children and a dog is enough,” Heins explained in her post. “I forgot to move him more times than I can even count, and I cut it close a few times trying to sneakily move him after the kids were already awake.”

Her post continued, “Today my pastor’s sermon was all about how advent is supposed to be a season of feeling PEACEFUL and cute little George wasn’t exactly falling into that category for me. I also was never good about using the elf as a way to improve my kids’ behavior so he really didn’t have an effect on their behavior whatsoever.”

“I crafted this letter keeping in mind that I wanted to keep the Christmas magic alive, and also keeping in mind that many of my kids’ friends will be talking about their elves still hiding and doing funny things,” she said in her post. The note to her kids was printed on letterhead from Santa himself, with the headline “From the Desk of Santa Claus.”

Totally legit.

The note from Santa read:

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