7 Baby Products That Adults Can And Should Use

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Bet you didn’t know I was a skincare professional in a past life, did you? Yes, I went to cosmetology school in my early twenties and am licensed as an aesthetician. That’s actually how I got my start in writing—as a beauty blogger and health writer years ago.

So, I promise you can trust my infinite wisdom when it comes to skincare and beauty. I won’t steer you wrong. I’m only here to make you more beautiful.

If there’s one thing I know about #momlife, it’s that it can be so darn taxing on your health and beauty. In between shuttling kids to school, wiping runny noses, and making a supposedly nutritious dinner, you hardly have any time for yourself. You may commit mortal beauty sins like going to sleep with your makeup on (Gasp! Did you know that ages your skin every time?). Or, you may halfheartedly swipe at your makeup with a baby wipe at the end of the day as you stare into your sad, tired eyes in the mirror.

If the latter sounds like you, you may be onto something. Baby products as beauty products are the hot new thing. Not only are baby products cheaper, but if you buy the right brand free from harmful chemicals and bullshit, they’ll also be much easier on your skin. Who knew?

Remember, you can trust me as your Mommyish staff aesthetician. Though I can’t wax your asshole virtually—and believe me when I say that I really wish I could—I can give you a few awesome baby beauty product recommendations to save a buck and your skin.

1. Baby Powder

Baby powder makes a great primer for foundation and lipstick. Pro Tip: Dab a little on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow if you’re prone to oiliness throughout the day.

2. Diaper Rash Cream


Go for an inexpensive organic or botanical brand to soothe chapped skin in winter weather.

3. Baby Ointment

Baby Aquaphor is amazing for overall healing—use it in a pinch on a minor burn!

4. Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo made with natural ingredients is way better than adult shampoo made with nasty chemicals.

5. Baby Bubble Bath

A hot bath before bed with lavender scented baby bubble bath means a sweeter beauty sleep at night.

6. Baby Lotion

Again, natural ingredients are key here—a hypoallergenic baby lotion will leave your skin as smooth as a baby’s you know what.

7. Baby Wipes

Unscented baby wipes make an awesome makeup remover in a pinch. Just remember to moisturize with baby lotion after!