22 Breastfeeding Tattoos That Highlight the Magic and Beauty of This Time

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Tattoos and the decision to get one or cover your whole body is definitely a personal thing. Some of us like to choose the design and meaning behind it carefully and it allows us to mark a special moment in our live, like these breastfeeding tattoos do, or as a way to regain control. Still, others just love the act of getting tattooed and they’re less picky.

For many mothers, tattooing is a great way to hold on to those fast fleeting moments of raising children and all that comes along with it. It’s a wonderful way to highlight the best parts of the younger years or as a sort of badge for getting through those toughest of times. Many mothers are looking towards breastfeeding tattoos as a way to wear that special time with their child and carry it with them forever. Breastfeeding is totally not every parent’s thing, but if it’s yours and you loved it, or you hated it and battled through, breastfeeding tattoos is the perfect way to get that story-telling power to tattoos.

Check out these breastfeeding tattoos that highlight the magic and beauty of this time and have you booking your next (or your first) tattoo:

1. Heart bond

This one really captures those little eyes looking up at you during a nursing session.

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