Jill Duggar Continues Her Rebellion in the Most Vanilla Way Possible

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What’s something you can do to sort of rebel, but not like, completely piss off your entire family and fan base? Well, if you’re Jill Duggar Dillard, you get henna! Jill has been on a bit of a rebellious streak lately; she’s wearing jeans, she pierced her nose, WE SAW HER KNEES. There’s been quite a bit of drama swirling around her and husband Derick, so maybe she’s just letting off some steam. And then, Jill Duggar got a tattoo. A very temporary tattoo, but still.

Jill Duggar got a tattoo during a local Christmas festival. Granted, it’s just a henna tattoo. But considering she’s from a family that doesn’t even let the girls cut their hair, it’s kind of a big deal!

jill duggar got a tattoo

Image: Facebook/The Dillard Family

The festival was put on by several local international student ministries. Jill and Derick are involved with a ministry that targets local college students, so we imagine the event was crawling with young, hip adults. With all of the changes she’s making to her wardrobe and appearance, maybe Jill is trying to relive some of her youth and get in good with the kids. It’s probably hard to connect with college kids when you got married and started having kids while they were decorating their dorm rooms.

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