Danielle Bregoli Set To Break Snapchat Records

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We’re not sure what it says about the state of humanity when Danielle Bregoli ends up in the news twice in under an month. Probably nothing good! But considering how much value we place on celebrity and “reality” TV stars, it’s not entirely surprising. Bregoli, in case you’re unfamiliar (lucky you), became famous after appearing on Dr. Phil with her mom. At the ripe ol’ age of 13, Bregoli was an absolute menace. During the filming of the show, she actually stole a crew member’s car and was turned over to authorities by Dr. Phil himself. It was that appearance that nabbed her the nickname “Cash Me Ousside Girl”.

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You’d think that sort of behavior would’ve made her fade into oblivion and hopefully get the help she needed! But alas, she’s bigger than ever. Bregoli raps under the name Bhad Bhabie and just inked a huge cosmetics deal. Now, she’s on track to break records with her Snapchat series. She’s got the fame and money she’s been after since the beginning. And it doesn’t look like she’s going away any time soon. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Danielle Bregoli created a 12-episode Snapchat series called Bringing Up Bhabie. The debut episode got 10 million unique views.

First of all, we did not even realize that Snapchat series were an actual thing. Do other people have them? What is their purpose? Isn’t Snapchat just for silly filters? (Hashtag we are old.) Bregoli signed the deal to be “the face of Snapchat” back in October 2018, and hers is the first series of this nature on the social media platform. She’s one of the most popular users on Snapchat, and apparently this show was something of a litmus test to see how well a weekly series would fare with Snapchatters. With 10 million unique views in 24 hours, looks like a pretty successful venture!

According to TMZ, Bregoli is hoping to parlay the success of the Snapchat series into TV and movies deals.

That’s … great. Just great! Because what we need, collectively as a world, is to see more from a teenage delinquent famous for her inability to enunciate. With alllllllll the talented people out there, it seems almost unfair that this is the kind of stuff that gets picked up. Obviously, a lot of people watch and follow along for the train wreck factor. And it is sort of entertaining, in a “my god I am so glad that is not me or my kid” kind of way! But does success on a platform like Snapchat translate into success as an actual actress and entertainer? That remains to be seen.

From Dr. Phil to Snapchat, what a journey it’s been for Danielle Bregoli! Love her or hate her, it’s hard not to admire her hustle.