These New Wine Slushies Will Make Disney Even More Magical for Parents

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The parents of the world have a new hero today, because a noble genius at Disney just started selling wine slushies. If you’re already spending thousands of dollars on a big Disney vacation and the kid is getting a Disney Princess dress-up session, it’s only fair that the grown-ups would get something cool, too. Now that something cool is a refreshing way to relax in the Florida heat with a big cup of frozen wine.

How was Frozen Wine not already a thing?

The new wine slushies are for sale for the over-21 crowd at Disney Springs, Disney’s outdoor shopping and dining destination near Walt Disney World. They’re for sale at a pastry shop called Amorette’s Patisserie, and everyone already wants one.

The wine slush comes in different flavors, including Strawberry Shiraz and Mango Moscato. Both look frosty and refreshing, and guarantee the kids are going to whine about not being allowed to have some of mom’s grown-up slushie. (Amorette’s Patisserie is swanky, so there are several varieties of Champagne and sparkling wine available as well.)

Also, you can get the two flavors swirled together. It never occurred to me to mix red and white wine before, but if you’re going to drink a giant alcoholic slushie, you might as well swirl the flavors together, right? Just because we’re grown-ups doesn’t mean we don’t all want the swirl option.

Florida is made for frozen drinks.

There’s nothing like a frozen drink in Florida. Frozen margaritas and frozen daiquiris are some of best ways to chill out in the sun. You can even spike a slushie with Grand Marnier and vodka at Epcot. But this frozen drink is extra special, because it’s made of wine. People are freaking out since Buzzfeed first reported on them.

The hype is natural. Of course people are going to be interested in wine slushies. They’re cool and look good on Instagram, and they contain alcohol. It’s basically the new Unicorn Frappuccino.

Amorette’s Patisserie is in Disney Springs, not Disney World. Unfortunately, that means you can’t shotgun wine slushies to help deal with the lines and drama and high prices of the big theme park. They still look pretty fabulous, though. A frozen wine sure sounds like a good way to unwind after a long day at the park.

Would you drink a wine slushie? Let us know in the comments.

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