Chance the Rapper Started an Awards Show for Teachers

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Chance the Rapper is a devoted advocate of public schools, specifically in his hometown of Chicago. Now in an astonishing show of support for teachers and students, he’s donated $2.2 million in grants to Chicago public schools. And he’s also started an annual awards show to honor teachers and other education advocates in Chicago schools.

Teachers deserve more recognition and praise. And Chance the Rapper is not putting together a half-assed awards show. According to The AV Club, he’s already tapped multiple celebrity guest appearances for the first annual Twilight awards honoring teachers, principals, students, and parents who convey leadership in Chicago-area public schools. CBS late-night host James Corden has already signed on to host.

Chance has long been one of the strongest and most public advocates of Chicago public schools.

“Quality education for public schools is the most important investment a community can make,” he said last week in an announcement about the new teachers’ awards, and the $2.2 million in grants he’s giving public schools.

He previously gave $1 million in grants to the schools. Now $1.2 million more is earmarked for even more improvements.

Twenty Chicago-area public schools will be getting $100,000 each over the course of three years. The grants will improve facilities and increase arts education. One school applied for a grant to turn an unused classroom into a digital media learning center. Another wanted to renovate its arts rooms.

Chance the Rapper is 24 and a fierce advocate of teachers and public schools.

Chance the Rapper went to Chicago public schools, and he has a small daughter. He’s been spending a lot of time and energy considering early education programs for her.

“These are the two most pressing things on my mind: The thought of finally sending my daughter to school, and the unease of the city she’s entering into,” he said.

Earlier this summer, Chance was the grand marshall of Chicago’s back-to-school parade, and he gave away 30,000 backpacks full of school supplies to Chicago-area public school students. He also held a free concert in Chicago after the parade, and gave out tickets to teachers and parents so they could bring their kids.

The first annual Twilight Awards occur in June, 2018. James Corden will host, and there will reportedly be multiple celebrity guest appearances. It’s pretty neat to see teachers getting the kind of recognition they deserve.

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