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Mom’s Hilarious Instagram Feed Shows the Truth About Pregnancy

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Perusing through Instagram, you might find one of two depictions of pregnancy and motherhood. You might have mom friends and family, who show things like cute photos of their baby smashing a birthday cake, a family holiday photo, or a belly progress shot. Then there are the Instagram influencer types, who only show gorgeously photographed images of them pregnant wearing designer maternity threads and looking off into the distance, or of their newborn sporting a totally hip outfit, no drool because mom made sure to wipe it off ahead of time. But this mom’s hilarious Instagram feed shows what pregnancy and motherhood are really like—well, except maybe more creatively.

Meet Maya Vordestrasse, a mother of two babies close in age who one day decided to document her pregnancy and motherhood experiences with the world of IG.

If you scroll far back down enough, you’ll find her very first mamahood-related photo—an image of her ultrasound back in March of 2016:

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I need a new word for happiness #BabyZoey #LordHelpTim

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You can tell Vorderstrasse still had plenty of time and energy during this first pregnancy. Even after giving birth to her first, most of her feed was well-curated photographs of her adorable baby, Zoey.

But here’s where this mom’s hilarious Instagram feed gets real

Once Vorderstrasse got to about 27 weeks of pregnancy with her second, she figure she needed to post a “progress pic.” She went a few steps further though, using the help of a pretty amusing sign:

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Dat bump life ?? #27weekspregnant

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The IG mom poses much like any other progress pic, but it’s her sign that really takes the cake. Flaring sciatica and wild bladder? Yup, sounds legit. She doesn’t stop there, though.

Two weeks later, she posts this realistic gem:

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#29weekspregnant and starving ??

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What mom nearing her third trimester isn’t constantly eating (or starving)? You have to admire the work put into this pic. Hello, McDonalds Big Mac!

At 31 weeks, she’s at it again. And yes, there is more bladder talk (seriously, do you understand how much pregnant folks have to pee?)

Vorderstrasse told the Huffington Post that she was tired of the way motherhood was depicted on social media as some kind of “perfect, flawless, and effortless” experience. We all know that’s garbage, even if you’re the biggest influencer of life. Of course, the same could be said about Vorderstrasse’s own feed if you scroll around. But with these images, she gives us a peek into the reality: that even those who appear “well put together” are experiencing a lot of the same struggles as anyone who doesn’t post about their cravings or stretch marks or sheer exhaustion.

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