TGI Friday Open Thread: Today I Have Zero Interest In Your Stupid Gravy Boat

Thanksgiving GreetingsBecause today is technically Halloween! Our Halloween was cancelled due to the weather and it has been rescheduled for today. Would you like to see my backyard? Of course you would! Please keep in mind the lawn dude came a few days ago and I had no leaves in my yard, at all.



Now it’s all a wet soggy disaster. And it’s November, which means I should start thinking about Thanksgiving, or as we call it in my family, ‘Frankenstein’ because when my nephew was young he pronounced the holiday Frankenstein. I have no idea why. Families are weird. And last year, not that you would remember this, I vowed to cancel Thanksgiving this year, but now those plans are off. I’ll be cooking green bean casserole with the rest of you jerks.

Speaking of! What can we do to help you this holiday season? Need some craft ideas to keep your kids from driving you crazy? Would you like my stuffing recipe? Want ideas on how you can quietly bone your partner whilst visiting relatives? We here at Mommyish Enterprisesâ„¢ are here to help.

I keep getting Christmas toy catalogues in the mail and in my house it’s still Halloween. I am so not ready for this. So tell me what ya want, what you are doing, show us pictures of your kids yesterday, grab some booze and look, as much as I’m annoyed at how fast the holidays come around, I did find this in my local liquor emporium and I may just enjoy some before taking the kids out tonight:



Mint chocolate Baileys with coffee!

Happy premature holidays indeed.

I’d also like to direct your attention to the fact we have the fabulous Carrie Murphy joining us for some posts and the wondrous Julia ‘Pizza Tits” Sonenshein Be nice to them and say hello. I like them.

So tell us about your Halloween and what your weekend plans are and if you hate Bailey’s or what kinda stuff you wanna see here for the holidays! GO GO GO!

(Image: Getty Images)

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