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12 Awesome Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Sister

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Tattoos can be a wonderful way to honor the people you love most in the world. Lots of folks get tattoos in honor of their children, their parents, or even deceased loved ones. In the past, we’ve featured beautiful breastfeeding tattoos as well as tattoos that serve as the perfect tribute to mom. We’ve even shown off tattoo ideas inspired by children that many of you went wild over. This time, we’re highlighting some of the coolest sister tattoos on Instagram, ranging from funny to stunning. If you have a sister of your own, check these out and see if they don’t inspire you for your next piece:

1. How about an intricate design featuring the moon and the sun—one for each?


2. These mandala-inspired shoulder tattoos are definitely eye-catching

Psst…Here’s a note on mandalas as tattoos and as tattoo inspiration versus cultural appropriation in case you have any interest.

3. Song lyrics always work if you’re both big fans

These were taken from the song ‘Angel’ by Basshunter.

4. Mirror tattoos can certainly be fun

5. How about if all your sisters enjoy coffee as much as you do? There’s a tatt for that

6. Or maybe you and sis enjoy a different sort of beverage…

Cheers, sis!

7. These pretty flowers also have a hidden message in the stem

8. For the siblings that also happen to have a love of dinosaurs

9. Some sisters like to have a bit more fun with their ink

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#sistertattoos of #brak with @berikashmerika by @artby_de ?

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Who else remembers Brak from the Space Ghost cartoons?

10. Speaking of fun…these sisterly stick figure drawings are too darn cute

11. Of course, you could go slightly more elegant

12. And finally, sister tattoos acknowledging your family roots…literally

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(Image: Instagram / @queenofheartstattooswangaratta)