Jill Duggar Appears to Be Rebelling With a Nose Piercing and (Gasp!) Bare Knees

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I have to say, my money would’ve been on Jinger to go rogue. But it appears as though embattled Duggar sister Jill may be bucking her family’s conservative leanings with some good ol’ fashioned body modification! Jill posted a picture on Instagram, and from the looks of it, she got herself a cute little nose stud. The photo is a little unclear, but it sure looks like Jill Duggar’s nose piercing has been revealed.

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Jill Duggar’s nose piercing made it’s debut yesterday, in a pretty innocuous IG post. So is it a stud? Or a really big pimple?


I have to say, that looks like a pierced nose. And honestly, it’s cute! But in a family where the girls don’t cut their hair or even wear pants, a pierced nose seems … rebellious. Perhaps an attempt to distract from allllllllll the drama she and husband Derek have managed to stir up lately?

Eagle-eyed Duggar fans/haters were quick to notice the new addition to Jill’s face. Did you know that there’s an entire Reddit thread about the Duggars? Well there is. And they did some pretty sweet sleuthing on the subject.

Someone found another picture of Jill that shows the same little stud in her nose. But wait! There’s more! The picture also shows Jill’s knees. Quick, someone get the smelling salts for ma Duggar.

jill duggar's nose piercing

Image: Reddit

Jill Duggar’s nose piercing is pretty visible in that photo. But forget about that for a second. WE CAN SEE HER KNEES. I didn’t even know the Duggar women had knees.

People on the Reddit thread were torn on whether it was a piercing or a giant pimple, and what it all means. The stud, the knees, it’s all too much. What is going on, Jill? What are you doing?

jill duggar's nose piercing

Image: Reddit

jill duggar's nose piercing

Image: Reddit

We’re calling it: Jill definitely pierced her nose. Which is fine! It’s like the most basic form of rebellion one can participate in. Maybe we’re going to see a brand new Jill? or maybe her husband has done something even more boneheaded and she’s just trying to dangle something shiny in front of fan’s noses. That seems way more likely, tbh.

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(Image: Facebook / Jill Dillard)