Will We Be Seeing Less of Jill Duggar Now That TLC Has Fired Her Husband?

After TLC announced that Derick Dillard would no longer be a part of the hit Duggar show Counting On, fans wondered what that meant for one of their favorite Duggar sisters. Jill Duggar’s husband found himself on the receiving end of a boot to the ass after posting transphobic tweets about Jazz Jennings. Again. Jazz also has a show on TLC, about her journey as a young trans woman, model, and activist. The Duggar shows have proven to be HUGELY popular for the network, so it appears that firing Derick was TLC’s way of satisfying both parties. But what does his departure mean for Jill’s role in future episodes?

Jill Duggar’s husband has been fired, but Jill is still very much a part of the family and presumably, the show. Will his absence mean less Jill?


Fans have followed along with Jill from the time she was just a teen. She’s the 4th oldest Duggar kid, and the second oldest girl (sister Jana is a year older). Jill was the first Duggar girl to get married and leave home. In fact, the courtship between Jill and Derick was a big plot line in early episodes of Counting On. Jill and Derick spent time as missionaries in Central America, and were a big part of the show even when they were thousands of miles away.

So it will be really interesting to see what happens now that Jill Duggar’s husband is not included in the family business.


If you’ve watched even one episode of any Duggar show, then you know how, um, devoted they are to their spouses. So if Derick is out, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jill take on a much smaller role in upcoming episodes. But luckily for fans of the family, there are several more Duggars in the wings, just waiting to be brought up from the minor leagues.

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