Looks Like There’s a New Duggar Family Feud Brewing

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More drama on the Duggar family homestead! Possibly! According to “sources”, there’s a feud brewing between the family and Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard. Earlier this month, Derick made some pretty offensive and transphobic statements about Jazz Jennings. Jazz, if you’re unfamiliar, is a 17-year-old transgender woman, and the star of her own reality show on TLC (the same network that hosts the Duggar’s show, Counting On).

After Derick tweeted the comment, TLC made the announcement that he had not been involved in the show for months, and would not be involved in any capacity in the future. His banishment has apparently caused some friction within the normally jovial family.

This isn’t the first time Derick has lashed out at Jazz personally. Months ago, he tweeted out a promo for her show, calling transgender a “myth”.

TLC declined to take action back in August, or at least make an announcement that they’d done so. But according to their new statement, it’s possible that Derick has been kept off the show since his original statements about Jazz. The latest tweet from Derick about Jazz misgenders her and places “blame” on her parents for her transition.

In response to these recent statements, TLC tweeted out their own statement regarding Derick’s involvement in Counting On. The network stood firmly behind Jazz, which is refreshing.

Now, sources close to the Duggar family say there’s some tension and a possible feud brewing because of the removal of Derick from the popular show.

The insider told Radar Online that Derick is having a hard time. “They are extremely careful to not criticize each other. He wasn’t trying to hurt Jazz. She just conflicted with his belief system and he reacted without thinking it through.” Clearly, being unable to use correct pronouns is a difficult situation to manage! However, the Duggar family doesn’t quite agree with the way Derick handled the situation. Arguably, given their extreme religious views, the family doesn’t necessarily disagree with Derick.

Even so, TLC signs their paychecks, and it looks like they’re siding with the network, for now.

It’s unclear if Derick’s firing means Jill won’t be participating in the family show. At any rate, we’re glad that TLC stood up for Jazz, and did the right thing. The next season should be … interesting!

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