Michelle Duggar Creates Controversy With Facebook Post About Her Grandchildren

After so many years in the public eye, Michelle Duggar is no stranger to controversy. Though things have died down a bit since oldest son Josh’s sex scandal broke and they shifted the focus to marrying off the oldest Duggar kids, Michelle hasn’t been fodder for internet backlash as much. Michelle Duggar recently shared a picture of two of her cute little grandkids, Meredith (Josh’s youngest daughter) and Spurgeon (Jessa’s older son). The little Duggars (well technically, Spurgeon is a Seewald) are each holding a Swiffer Wet Jet and “cleaning” the floor.

“Train them young! These little ones love to ‘help,'” she captioned the photo.

What came next was a flurry of pearl clutchers and people came with their pitchforks to blast Michelle for her choice of caption. The photo has almost 600 comments, and of course they range of supportive to full fledged annoyance with the Duggar family matriarch.

“You train a dog, not a child. Does Michelle do anything in that house? The girls (never the boys) do the cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. and Jana raises the children. Very sad.” Reads one negative comment.

“It’s so sad the way Duggar fans defend the way they live. Girls in that household are nothing but maids-in-waiting to be given away to the first male who shows any interest and then to pop out as many babies as humanly possible.”

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But, many of the comments were actually quite supportive of Duggar teaching her grandbabies about being helpful around the house.

“I’ve done the same with my children! It’s a heck of a lot easier to teach a child when they are small than allow them to grow up lazy and entitled and try to get them to do anything as teenagers or young adults. Raise em right!”

What’s the Problem?

If you’d rather use a word that isn’t “train,” even though I don’t see what the problem is with such a word, it is important to expose young children to household chores. While you may not make them do them all the time, there is nothing wrong with showing them how to sweep or vacuum. Or if you’d prefer, just simply picking up their toys and putting them back where they belong once they’re finished. Cleaning up after themselves isn’t really a punishment. And shockingly, many little ones actually enjoy it! There were quite a few comments on the Duggar post.

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Look, no one is saying that Michelle Duggar is a perfect mom (ahem, we’re looking at you Josh Duggar) but letting the little ones play with some Swiffers (if you look closely, there are no pads on them and one doesn’t have any cleaning liquid) isn’t really a capital offense. Let’s put the pitchforks down folks, it’s not that serious.

(Image: TLC)

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