Angry Mom Sues Everyone After Easter Egg Hunt Leads to Injury

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You know what they say: it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Well, the fun and games are over when the one who gets hurt is named Mom. A woman in Oregon was injured at an Easter egg hunt, and she’s suing for ”” no yolk, er joke ”” $112,000. Daaaaaamn.

According to ABC News,  on March 26, Rachel Townsend attended  “The Hatter’s Easter Extravaganza” at The Aerie at Eagle Landing in Happy Valley, hosted by event planning company Red Shoe Productions. She bought tickets for her son and niece to participate in the egg hunt for kids ages four and under. However, when the egg hunt started, the area became dangerously overcrowded.

In the lawsuit,  Townsend alleges the field was rushed by older children and unregistered participants, causing her to be separated from her niece. She was then pushed from behind and knocked to the ground. She suffered a torn meniscus and a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee that required surgery, plus sprains and strains.

Townsend says her medical costs and lost wages add up to $12,000. She’s asking for an additional $100,000 in damages. That will buy a LOT of Easter eggs. The Aerie at Eagle Landing and Red Shoe Productions are the defendants. Here’s hoping they have an egg-celent lawyer.

Have you ever been to a public Easter Egg hunt? It’s always a madhouse of kids and baskets and eggs flying all over the place, and it’s only made worse by helicopter parents who grab eggs away from other kids. Like, hey guys, this is supposed to be fun? It’s not a contest to see who gets the most eggs. Townsend’s lawsuit also alleges that the egg hunt was held on a sloped and uneven surface, making it more unsafe. How did someone not look at the situation and think, “This is a lawsuit waiting to happen?”


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