Mom’s Post About Getting Kicked out of Dance Recital for Breastfeeding Goes Viral

We live in a hypocritical, breast-obsessed society. We see the sexualization of breasts everywhere. Women on TV wear low cut tops showing off plenty of cleavage. Billboards depict ads for surgical breast enhancement. There are even things called “breastaurants”””where women of a certain size are required to wear tight tops and flirt with male patrons, where children are often present. But the minute a woman wants to breastfeed her child in public, all bets are off. Fortunately, many moms are speaking out. Just take this breastfeeding mom’s now viral post about her experience getting kicked out of a dance recital.

The young mom (who chose to remain anonymous) shared the upsetting post on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. In it, we see a photo of the mama breastfeeding her adorable baby while sitting in her truck.

“Why am I in my truck instead of in an air conditioned building watching my friends children dance? It’s because I had the gall to feed my baby without a cover,” she begins.

The mom explains that some of the other mothers present at the dance studio complained to her friend that breastfeeding publicly is “inappropriate.” They didn’t want their “children to see” what was happening, and apparently the kids were asking their mothers questions about the act.

Say what?

Giphy / Tumblr
Giphy / Tumblr

Yeah, basically, these moms didn’t want to explain to their kids that milk is produced in the breasts that is specifically for feeding babies, and that the 3-month-old child was enjoying a nice meal at the recital. Why exactly is that horrifying to people? And why should that mean a mom isn’t allowed to feed her baby? These moms clearly need a reality check.

From there, the mama’s friend had to tell her that she was “no longer welcome in the dance studio” unless she covered herself up.

“I’m very discreet when I feed. If you see anything you are looking too close. I am so livid. I feel ostracized. I feel alone.

This is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world, but I am scorned for feeding my baby,” the post said.

According to the post, it was her first time experiencing negative feedback for breastfeeding, though we all know it is certainly not the first time a woman has been kicked out of a place or made to feel unwelcome for the act.

“What kind of example are we setting for the future moms of tomorrow? I’m just more upset that it’s a place that claims to empower young girls when they take the one thing that should empower all women and twist it into something considered shameful enough that it has to be covered.”

She is totally right. The mom closed out the post saying she plans to return to the studio to speak with the owner, “Louisiana State laws in hand.” I applaud her for this and all breastfeeding mamas doing the important work of not staying silent about this very important matter.

(Image: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk)

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