A Retired General Responded to a Tweet From Ivanka Trump and It Didn’t Go Well for the First Daughter-Wife

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You’d think that the Trump kids would’ve figured out by now that no one is here for their mounds of bullshit. I think people generally ignore their dad’s 3 a.m. toilet ramblings on the social media platform. But every once in a while, Ivanka Trump or one of the other ones try to sound all professional on Twitter, and almost always get schooled. Yesterday, the First Daughter-Wife tweeted out a nice soundbite about promoting healthy lifestyles for America’s youth. Sounds fine, right? Well, a retired General named Mark Hertling had some knowledge to drop on Ivanka. Given this administration’s propensity for lying, you’d think they’d run everything by a fact-checker at this point.

Ivanka Trump put on her official I’m a White House Person hat, and sent out what seemed like a fairly innocent tweet.

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Image: Twitter / @ivankatrump

She’s not wrong! We do need to promote healthy lifestyles for our youth. But … well, here.

Turns out, we DID promote healthy lifestyles for America’s youth. We had an entire council that did just that! A council that had been around for 60 years, in fact. But, wouldn’t you know: NO ONE IS ON THE COUNCIL NOW. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is … let me put on my thinking cap. Hey General Hertling, can you help me out here?

OH WAIT, THAT’S RIGHT. In just over a year, we’ve had two Health and Human Services secretaries.

Tom Price joined the department shortly after being appointed by the dummy in the White House, but then ran into some … problems, when he spent $1 million of taxpayer money in just a few months flying around the country on private and military jets.

So Price left. And then the dumpy diaper man appointed Alex Azar, who was confirmed in January. Azar operates the HHS with a budget of roughly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. But oddly, the department has several unfilled positions. Like, every position on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. Which (you guessed it!) would be responsible for the shit Ivanka tweeted was so important.

This is what the council looked like during President Obama’s tenure in the White House.

So, in summation, First Daughter-Wife says we NEED to promote healthy lifestyles. But her idiot dad and his band of misfit appointees are sitting on a trillion bucks and haven’t done jackshit to make that happen. Ivanka, sweetie, just stop. I’d say you’re embarrassing yourself, but goddamn is that bar set low.

(Image: Instagram / @ivankatrump)