Gift This: 10 Over The Top Gifts Your Kid Will Ignore By New Year’s Day

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I feel like my husband and I do this every year. We buy the one “big” gift and our kids are all gung-ho and then, within a week or two, it’s forgotten. They have their old stand-bys that they always go back to- favorite books, puzzles, dolls and action figures. Once the novelty of the “big” gift has worn off, they swiftly move on. In fact, the biggest lesson we ever learned about how useless over-the-top gifts can be was the year we stayed up until 4 am building a train table for them both but on Christmas morning, at ages four and two, they just wanted to know where their pancakes were. They gaveth not a shit. They are older now and we have some ideas for this year but we learned the hard way that big gifts don’t always have the reaction you think they will. Here are 10 classic over-the-top gifts your kid will surely ignore shortly after Christmas:

1. Life-Size Stuffed Animal

Once your kid is done being in awe of their enormous new giraffe, they will quickly grow bored of it. I mean, how much can you really do with a toy like that? Besides scare the living shit out of people by setting it up in their room while they sleep. Which I would obviously do.

2. Motorized Kid-Size Car

This one seems like every kid’s dream. So how come every kid I know who gets one is over it in a week while it rusts in the backyard?

3. Giant Doll House

Sometimes, an elaborate toy can overwhelm a little kid. I know my daughter is more likely to make something for her Barbies to live in out of a shoe-box while her big doll house sits, untouched for months.

4. Ball Pit

While not expensive, this is a purchase that every parent seems to regret and that every kid rapidly loses interest in after the initial novelty of diving in. The kids play with it in earnest for a few days and then it just becomes one more thing to tidy up. Ballz. Everywhere.

5. Musical Instruments

Kids lose interest in these things all the time plus, there is the noise factor. I know exactly zero parents who are like “THANK GOD we bought Junior that drum set last year!” Either it’s collecting dust or driving you insane. Ugh.

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