Kate Gosselin Is Gearing Up to Star in a New Reality Show About Dating

Well, you knew this was coming. After TLC stopped airing episodes of Kate Plus 8, people have wondered what would become of Kate Gosselin and her family. The kids are getting older, so it makes perfect sense that they would exit stage right on the reality TV stage. When you’ve spent the last 10 years of your life on TV, going back to work in the private sector isn’t exactly an easy transition, either. But now we know what Kate will be doing, and it doesn’t involve the kids (at least, not directly).

Kate Gosselin is set to star in a new reality show in TLC about dating. It’ll be called Kate Plus Date. Clever!


The new show will follow Kate as she navigates dating with eight kids. Listen, I only have two kids, and it’s nearly impossible! I can’t imagine doing it with six more. Not to mention, she’s not exactly an anonymous stranger. Even if you didn’t watch the show, there’s no way most people wouldn’t recognize her. Kate told PEOPLE, “I won’t be just doing some scary online thing. I mean, online dating, seriously ”” I put my profile in there and people will know who it is within 90 seconds. No, this is probably the safest way for me to date, let’s be honest.” Good point.

The show will feature Kate going on dates with potential suitors who’ve been vetted by a matchmaker. Plus, dates will be filmed by a professional camera crew for everyone to watch.

Kate says that the hustle and bustle of her life have caused dating to take a back seat. But, she says, she doesn’t want to be alone forever, and the kids have expressed a desire to see her find someone. Says Kate, “As we’re talking about Mady and Cara going off to college which is becoming more and more of a reality, it’s gonna happen, it almost became like a worry for them, too, like ”˜Mommy, you’re gonna be all alone soon.’ But it was very apparent, now that they’re older and talking about dating and how they’re all gonna get married someday ”¦ it became apparent: they want someone for me. They want me to have somebody in my life.”

Funnily enough, people were wondering if Kate had gone off and gotten married or engaged just last week, LOL. Guess that’s a solid denial.


Kate Plus Date will premiere on TLC this fall. Best of luck, Kate! Single moms everywhere will be rooting for you.

(Image: Instagram/@kateplusmy8)

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