Watch Zimmerman Explain How Much Lip Trayvon Martin Gave Him Before He Shot Him

A new video has surfaced in the Trayvon Martin case in which the accused, George Zimmerman, walks the police through his account of the February events. Filmed the day after the fatal shooting, a bandaged Zimmerman reenacts the confrontation complete with dialogue, mimed punches, and the exact placement of his gun.

If we’re to take Zimmerman at his word — which I certainly don’t — Trayvon approached Zimmerman in the rain and punched him in the face. Following a scuffle to the cement, Zimmerman claims that both he and Trayvon spotted the gun at Zimmerman’s side. The 17-year-old then made an ominous “you’re gonna die!” declaration suggesting that Trayvon was game to reach for the weapon. But Zimmerman drew first, and that’s apparently how an unarmed kid wound up dead. Too much lip and sass from these kids, I tell ya.

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