18 Embarrassing Tattoos That We Cannot Stop Laughing At

Tattoos are really something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. AND YET. How many really bad or embarrassing tattoos have you seen? They’re everywhere. Some are done ironically, we’re sure. But others are a combination of poor decisions and choosing a really terrible tattoo artist. The results are awesome, in the worst possible way. Here are 18 of the most embarrassing tattoos we’ve seen.

They’ll make you laugh, cry, and ask what they hell were these people thinking?!

1. First up on the list of embarrassing tattoos: prayer hands? Maybe?


Remember the early episodes of The Simpsons, where everyone was drawn kind of weird? These are early-Simpson hands. What even is that thumb.

2. Just say no to drugs. Also say no to tattoos of drug recipes.


Did this person smoke all their post-its? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they spelled ammonia wrong.

3. When you can’t tell if it’s an origami crane or some kind of medieval weapon, congratulations! You’ve got an embarrassing tattoo.


At least, we think it’s supposed to be a paper crane? It’s anybody’s guess, really.

4. That Laura is a lucky gal.


Pro-tip: never, ever tattoo a partner’s name on your body. And certainly don’t tattoo FIVE names on your body. 

5. Ok, maybe one or two regrets…


Spelling is your friend, people. A second set of (sober) eyes to check your spelling is always a good idea.

8. Portrait tattoos rarely go right. However, they don’t always go this wrong.


It’s like one of those haunted paintings where the eyes follow your movements.

7. Maybe he thinks if he puts it out into the universe, it’ll come true? It’s like The Secret of embarrassing tattoos.


We hope he’s saving for a cover-up. That’s a pretty lofty goal, Falcons fan.

8. Not sure what’s more embarrassing: the tattoo itself, or the caption.


The nose isn’t terribly off. But, uh, that caption. Yiiiiiiiikes.

9. Some things seem really funny in the moment.


Do you want to live your life with a pile of shit inked into your skin? Poor impulse control is a real problem, folks.

10. Is it supposed to rhyme? Because it doesn’t rhyme.

embarrassing tattoos
Image: Facebook/Tattoo Stratosphere

The real crime here is that tattoo. Lord have mercy.

11. Ok, this may qualify as a semi-embarrassing tattoo. HOWEVER. It is also amazing.

embarrassing tattoos
Image: Facebook/tattoo Stratosphere

Seriously, that’s pretty funny. Very clever, asthma person!

12. I guess that’s one way to make male nipples useful.


The Venn diagram of people who make terrible tattoo decisions and people who drink themselves into oblivion is probably just a single circle.

13. The things that happen when you’re all hopped up on Coca Cola.


Someone was trying to guarantee a spot in the Kingdom.

14. Star Wars meets abstract art.


At least, we think it’s Star Wars? Sort of resembles Darth Vader. Who would be PISSED about being represented like that, tbh.

15. That’s … not how the saying goes.


It’s not a play on words, for fuck’s sake. The words are ordered the way they are to make sense. 

16. For when you’re too high to remember your McD’s order.


Embarrassing tattoo? Or BEST IDEA EVER? Another satisfied customer, no doubt.

17. Don’t tell me what to do, MOM.


Actually, your parents were probably right. Unless “meme maker” turns into an actual job.

18. Never again in your life, my dude.


The tattoo for the person who never wants to get to second base ever again. Or anywhere near the ball field, for that matter.

Tattoos are serious business, people! Don’t end up in someone’s embarrassing tattoo gallery. Think before you ink!

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(Image: Facebook/Tattoo Stratosphere)

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