9 Thoughts You’ll Have During An Ultrasound

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ultrasound memeHaving an ultrasound during your first pregnancy is an strange experience. During an ultrasound you get a peek into the inner workings of your body and your growing baby. This can cause emotions to run high and your mind to race in a million different directions. If you’ve experienced an ultrasound, you may relate to this list, and if you’ve yet to have an ultrasound but hope to someday, this is a glimpse of what lies in store. Here are nine thoughts you’ll have while having an ultrasound.

1. Please be the belly wand.

Years of watching pregnant women on television led me to believe that all ultrasounds were performed with a belly wand, but in the early stages of your pregnancy your doctor will use a transvaginal ultrasound, or as I unaffectionately call it– the Wand of Doom. The day that your baby is finally big enough to graduate to the belly ultrasound, you’ll be so grateful that you won’t care how cold the jelly feels on your stomach.

2. Does my stomach look okay?

Unless you’re fastidious about body hair removal, you may lift your shirt for the ultrasound and be surprised to see a wolf pelt where your stomach used to be, not to mention some stretch marks and a funky dark brown line. Your doctor probably doesn’t notice or care but you’ll wonder if those notes they are jotting down are about your baby– or the pop up thermometer that’s replaced your belly button.

3. I can’t see the baby.



About half way through the pregnancy you’ll start to recognize an unmistakable human silhouette, but for the first few ultrasounds it can be hard to tell the baby from your bladder. I nodded along and smiled during my appointments like I knew what the doctor was pointing at, but made my husband show me where the baby was on the ultrasound pictures once we hit the parking lot.

4. That doesn’t look human.

That’s not a baby, it’s a lizard. Or possibly a gummi bear.

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